What age range do you cater for?

It’s our primary belief that toys are for everyone irrespective of your age! Of course our majority is for newborns to all the way up to children aged around 8 years old. We still have a certain amount of toys for teens, adults and even elderly, such as board games and party games.

What if my child really likes the toy

Upon the end of the rental period, you can choose to return all of the products or continue to rent some of them. With any toy in your possession, you can always buy it for a less-than-retail price. If youve kept a toy for 8 months, its yours to keep forever for free.

What if I damage, break or lose part of a toy?

Don't worry, we know accidents happen. Reasonable wear and tear is included in all plans, and we stock durable toys so incidents of excess damage are rare. Depending on the extent of damage you might have to pay for a replacement or to keep this toy, but you'll never pay more in total than what the toy costs at retail.

Are the toys safe and clean?

Certainly. All toys are 100% imported from Europe, all in line with EU international safety standards (EN71). All toys come back to our facilities first and are inspected, cleaned and sanitized by our team before sending them to another family to enjoy. We hope every child can play safely and happily with our toys!

Can I change my subscription or cancel anytime?

You can always upgrade to a bigger plan. Pay monthly subscriptions are fully flexible for changing or canceling at any time. We offer discounts for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly subscriptions which can only be downgraded or canceled 14 days before the plan renews.

How much do you charge for delivery and returns?

All subscribers have the flexibility to choose pick-up from our warehouse or send to home. The delivery cost is standardized at HK$50 per month. Please note that for the first time we send the toys to you, we only arrange pick-up at our warehouse, SF or Alfred service points, as we need time to plan our delivery route. For the delivery and return thereafter, it will be at your home address (or at our warehouse if you opt for self pick-up).

Our Founder

Jessie has been a passionate and dedicated teacher for years. In 2014, she went to Taiwan for a service learning experience in a toy library. She witnessed the power of toys as the medium for children's exploration and learning. Since then she has aspired to advocate 'toys' as a bridge between children and parents to co-create meaningful and sweet interaction. In 2021, Jessie spent a year in the Netherlands to interact with local families. According to UNICEF (2021), the country is renowned for nurturing the happiest children in the world, which further inspires Jessie the importance and influence of toys to children. Jessie establishes Toy Muster in a hope to provide more quality toys for children at a more affordable price, and of course to build a better and sustainable future for our next generations.

Founder’s Message

To realize this massive toy sharing concept, it’s a dream come true day to me, I hope every parent and child would also feel the same. Never underestimate the power of ‘toys’ in your lives, no matter for learning, entertaining or socializing. I would like to especially thank the three Dutch families in Zeist and their 10 children for inspiring me to initiate this project. Let’s play and have fun!

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