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  • Miffy Activitiy Book

    This booklet contains colour pencils, plastic templates, stickers, backgrounds and paper . After drawing, the pencils can be kept in the supplied case. This booklet comes comes in a handy size with handle which makes it ideal to take with you during sleepovers or on a trip(w26 x d23 x h2.3 cm)

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  • Kapla 100 Case

    With 100 planks, there are infinite construction possibilities to create and recreate through your imagination... Freely explore and play, or follow the instructions on the back of the sliding lid to get started: there are four detailed step-by-step construction guides. Contains: 100 natural planks + assembly instructions. Made in France.

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  • Octocolour Case

    100 塊 KAPLA 木板,讓您的建築真正脫穎而出。 有十種美麗的色調, 隨意組合您喜歡的顏色! 包含:100 塊彩色木板。顏色達可食用標準。

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  • Kapla Eiffel Tower Box

    As you flip through the pages of the instruction booklet, follow the detailed steps to build a KAPLA Eiffel Tower while learning more about the original. The booklet also includes several models as inspiration for exploring new structures. Contains: 105 planks (100 natural, 4 with the KAPLA logo, and 1 exclusive tricoloured plank) + 1 instruction booklet (FR/EN/DE/NL) Food-safe colours.

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  • Kapla Challenge

    Can you copy the model on the card using your planks? For ages 6+, play against the clock or compete against friends. But be careful: you'll need to control your emotions and your planks as the difficulty increases with each card until the very last challenge... Contains: 12 ‘Challenge’ cards + 16 natural planks.

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  • SES Infinity Modelling Clay 12 Colours

    With the infinity modelling clay, you can make beautiful, detailed works of art with clay. The clay is gluten free, brightly coloured and most importantly: it doesn’t dry out! This means, you can admire your work of art until you decide to make something else with it. The ideal next step beyond our classic dough. Made in the Netherlands.

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  • SES My First Dough With Tools 3x90gr

    My First is a product line developed especially for the very youngest creative minds. The products in this line are ergonomic, extremely safe, hypoallergenic and gluten free. You cant go wrong with SES clay products. This set contains clay in 3 fun colours and clay tools. Unleash your creativity with the hammer and roller. What will you make? The SES My First clay re-sealable packaging makes this beautiful and easy to use clay extremely long-lasting. Suitable for children from 12 months. Made in Holland.

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  • SES Brush Set 3 Pcs.

    SES Brush Set-3 Pieces (Number 2, 4 and 6) is a set of high-quality paint brushes for children. In three different sizes, this is a fantastic first set for children and can be used for a variety of painting activities. Light-weight, durable, with comfortable handles, these brushes are perfect for children. Made in Holland.

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